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- Biographic Details

- Teddington, Twickenham & The Hamptons: Past & Present
- The Changing Face Of Richmond, Petersham & Ham
- The Changing Face Of London Since The 1970s
- Teddington, Kingston & Twickenham: An Ilustrated Walk
- Southampton In The 1980s: Ten Years That Changed A City
- Southampton In 50 Buildings
- A Short Story - A ROOF FOR THE NIGHT
From a rather insular port town, with what can only be described as very dreary post-war architecture and unimaginative civic planning, in less than three decades Southampton has become truly a vibrant, modern, bustling commercial city. The last fifteen years has also seen an extensive - and much needed - residential redevelopment, bringing life back to the lower High Street, Briton Street, Terminus Terrace and the Chapel/Crosshouse district. This book attempts to record something of what has been lost, and what has been gained in the last thirty years of progress and change.
The London suburbs of Teddington, Kingston & Twickenham are steeped in history and folklore. Join the author on an imaginary 'walk' through what is one of the most interesting parts of West London, looking at what is mostly vernacular architecture, often unnoticed or hidden away down side streets, but which illustrates the best of the changing styles of the last 300 years.
The Changing Face of Richmond, Petersham & Ham is a stroll through the author's recollections of a time now passed. Included here are a commentary on this historic area, together with the photographs he took thirty to forty years ago, juxtaposed with images of how the places look today.
This view of London is mostly away from the well-known tourist sites. Instead, it
chronicles the changing face and recent history of the backstreets, Victorian architecture, hidden gardens, ordinary shopping streets, pubs and houses, as well as observing and recording the latest cycle of demolition and redevelopment of the monstrous, and often unloved, Modernist concrete-and-glass tower blocks, that blighted so much of the London skyline in the 1950s and 60s post-war period.
About thirty years ago Garth Groombridge recorded the changing scene in Teddington, Twickenham and the Hamptons - focusing particularly on buildings that were due for demolition. He uses his photographs to travel back in time - to a period when these Thames-side communities were a lot more 'villagey' than they are today.
Aside from the major tourist
attractions like the Bargate, the
so-called Canute's Palace or the
Tudor House, at first glance modern
Southampton can appear bland and
rather chaotic. However, by taking
a sample of fifty buildings, not all of them always so obvious or that well known, this book
sets out to chart the town's thousand-year-plus chronological history.
Author of local architectural history photo books
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