Published by The History Press
ISBN 976-0-7509-4587-5
First published 2007

About thirty years ago Garth Groombridge recorded the changing scene in Teddington, Twickenham and the Hamptons - focusing particularly on buildings that were due for demolition. He uses his photographs to travel back in time - to a period when these Thames-side communities were a lot more 'villagey' than they are today. Many residents will enjoy this trip down memory lane, while those who have arrived in the area more recently will be fascinated by this wonderful collection of photographs, which show clearly how much Teddington, Twickenham and the Hamptons have changed in the last few years.

In memory of my mother, Bessie Emma Watson,
née Anderson, 1919-2008

Reprinted in 2011, 128 pages, black and
white reproduction photographs only.

This is still an excellent nostalgic look at this area of
Middlesex in the 1970s, and how it appeared in the
early years of the 21st century, and with quite extensive text.
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